July 29, 2008


Lately the family has been on a health kick and I am trying to incorporate walking into most of our activities. Luckily for us the summer school program for the boys is less than a mile from where we live at an nearby elementary school, so instead of driving we walk. No problem right? NOT. These last few times we have walked it's been a little nerve racking. We have to walk to cross the street at a crosswalk. The first few times BP was very cooperative while waiting for the light and holding my hand at the same time, then when the little green man popped on we gracefully walked across. On Friday it was different. This time BP ran up to the corner to where we stop, pushed the button to cross and refused to hold my hand. When the "green man" popped on he refused to hold my hand again, while I tried to grab it and he begin walking across the street radically, screaming at the same time. He was not paying attention to the cars waiting at the light and almost walked into one! He literally would have stopped in his tracks if I hadn't of grabbed him out of the way. Meanwhile my other son C tripped and fell on the street, skinned his knee and elbow. I was so busy dealing with BP that I didn't even see him fall.

So yesterday I tried a different strategy. I decided that we should cross at different street that has less traffic and in front of the school. Yesterday went very smoothly, today not so smoothly. Today we approached the cross walk refusing to hold my hand. This "the green man" popped on very quickly and he didn't want any part of holding my hand. I had to physically hold on to him and at that point he refused to continue. BP sat down in the middle of the street, screamed. I had to pick him up and forcibly get him across the rest of the way or else we could have been hit by cars. "The little green man" waits for no one.

These are the "whats" of Autism. What set him off? Could it have been the fact that he and his brother argued over who would push the button to cross the street just befored they crossed? I honestly do not like being forceful with my son. I fear for his life and if he isn't going to budge I must do what I can. He simply doesn't understand the concept that cars will hit you or the idea of safety. I will trudge on and we will try the crosswalk again tomorrow.

July 27, 2008

The Blue Dinosaurs and White Cheese?

This weekend thoughts have been brewing through my mind as to what my blog would be for today. This was a most difficult choice. I am one of those individuals that store information in my brain and then as soon as I sit down at the computer, stare at a blank screen, I have sudden writer's block. Maybe I should write it down. :)

News on the job market, I did not get the job up north. I received an email on Friday thanking me for my interest in the position. It was a difficult choice etc. I will keep plugging away. There is so much competion out there and everyone is searching in the job market. I did manage to get myself on an eligiblity list for the county. I will see where that takes me. Even if we don't relocate up north. I would still like to move elsewhere. A place that would allow pets.

BP has had a relatively good weekend. I have to keep on him with potty issues though. He enjoys the computer and other activities so much that he tends to run to the bathroom with intentions to go but most of the time he ends up running to bathroom, shouting "I need to go potty!" Typically he doesn't make it to the bathroom in time. I find lately that the laundry room has become my home away from home! My dream is to someday have my own washer and dryer.

I think that for me I find that I lack the patience to understand "his" language. BP is a fanatic on Dinosaurs, Godzilla, Dragons and the like. I'd like to thank the technology-video world for the invention of the DVR! In our household it's a requirement and if we didn't have it, I'd would lose my sanity. I have tried to record every Prehistoric Planet program on Discovery Kids. Of course when BP finds a certain episode he enjoys there is no stopping him. I think I have lost count as to the number of times I have seen the famous T-Rex devour the Triceratops. The frustrating part of BP's world is interpreting the "BP language." This morning for example, he asks me, "Can we watch Dinosaurs 4?" My mind is going in circles at this point. "What Dinosaurs? Then he states, "the Blue Dinosaurs." Dinosaurs 4 could mean:

  • Watching one of our Jurassic Park films. (but there is only 3) No that's not it.

  • Blue Dinosaurs (Prehistoric Planet-Dinosaurs underwater, blue ocean)

We went through six shows that I recently recorded of Prehistoric Planet and a mini-meltdown. Each one was a "No!" Then at the last moment popped up a program I recorded that happened to about the infamous T-Rex and had nothing to do with Prehistoric Planet. Bingo! I need some coffee and will prepare myself for the multi-viewing. I think I had my own meltdown.
Note: As am writing this blog, BP has come to me and again has asked to watch "Dinosaurs and Dragons." The other program doesn't have enough action for him. This time I can interpret it. My applause goes out the DVR.
I have also discovered that BP loves "white cheese." Cottage Cheese. Welcome to His world. I am learning something new everyday.

July 24, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts, The Three P's: Protesting, Planes and Pets


Lately I have been reading all the news regarding talk radio host Michael Savage and his statement "children who have autism are brats." I also notice that he now is starting to back pedal and there is a group in SF at his radio station that will be standing in protest to oust him. I just want to wish them luck. I know he was ousted before with his anti-gay comments. I think he's radio just for all the publicity and nothing more.


There is another story that stuck me regarding the story of a Mom and her three year-old Autistic son who were thrown out of an American Eagle Plane a few weeks ago. Apparently he had a meltdown and according to sources Mom did not stow the paper bag full of his "comfort toys" in the proper place. Which is not correct. I'd like to comment on this story. There are a few ideas I'd like to get across. First of which is regarding the American Airlines Crew. Don't you think it should be apart of their training to handle any situation that arises? I am not going to inform them of how they should preform their job but customer service should be the main focus, especially on an aircraft. I know they must have to be trained on handling a person in a wheelchair or an individual who requires much more assistance. Handicapped or otherwise.

From a parents standpoint, if you are going to fly with your child. Please be prepared. Pack the comfort items, music and anything that helps to calm the outbursts. Personally, BP has never been on a plane. I wonder myself how he would do.

Pets and Autism-We currently have no pets in our house because our apartment complex does not allow them. But if we have to relocate because of my new job. I would love to for our family to have a new pet. I have been reading up on pets as therapy for children with Autism. I have heard that dogs are wonderful (don't forget the cats), in certain situations though. This website and many others have great incite to what it's like with pets and their friends with Autism and ASD. I have also heard that fish aquariums are great to have as well. It seems to have a calming effect on them.
Can anyone share with me as to their stories of how an animal friends have helped your son or daughter in their therapies? Feel free to leave me a post. I'd love to read your comments.
Happy Thursday everyone. Sometimes I wonder where I put my sense-of-humor these days. Cheers.

July 22, 2008

I think it's urologist time again

Both BP and C were born with a condition called hypospadias. I can't explain it because I am thinking it would put my blog at risk for being flagged so I have put a link so you have some idea of the condition. BP had three surgeries all before age of two to try and correct it. Lets just say it effects the urinating stream and later in life, other things. Now that he is fully potty trained, we have noticed that his stream is not correct and sprays out like a shower head and far to the left. Last night it ended up all over the bathroom floor. So most likely he will need to see his Pediatric Urologist to assess his situation. C had two surgeries to correct it and he seems to be fine. Both boys had to endure the painful and the utmost detailed of the "doubling diapering routine." One diaper was cut to fit around the area and of course the second was worn over the first. C at six months had to wear a catheter everyday for a week. Luckily, BP didn't have to endure that part of it. I clearly remember the pain I felt for both boys and the what seemed like endless hours of waiting with all the other parents at Children's Hospital.

I honestly though wouldn't change places with anyone.

July 20, 2008

Keeping changing my mind

I keep trying different styles, graphics and themes for my blog page. I can't seem to be satisfied with anything yet. I will probably keep trying new things until I like what I see. I am a perfectionist when when it comes to art and such. So if it's a bit different everytime you stop on by, I am in the process of changing my mind. :)

July 18, 2008

Made it through another week

It's Friday. That means the weekend. It also means my good intentions went bad and I have so much to write but I didn't sit down to type OR write it down.

Friday's Funnies.
I think I will start putting down some of BP little happenings that make me want to laugh out loud. Hopefully I can keep this up on a daily basis.

  • "Body Parts" (Keep in mind when you read this that BP does not know what is inappropriate) Everyday we take BP and his older brother C to a summer program through the school district. He has a very good repor with most of the adult leaders in the program. This particular day BP must of been in one of his very social moods. Saying "hello" and being abnormally social. Has good days and bad. He went up to one of the younger women (20 years younger than me) who he knows fairly well in the program, placed his hand on one breast and quietly said, "boobie." I am sure she was quite embarrassed and when I heard the story second hand from someone else I had to laugh. As of this moment, we are working on this very aspect of his behavior and instructing him that it's not okay to touch in those areas. He has been doing this to me as well, sometimes in front of complete strangers. So next year in school, BP won't be touching his aides hair or any other inappropriate part of the body.
  • "Gotta go potty!" - Yesterday after arriving home from the summer program, BP promptly took his shoes off, with a little assistance of course and ran into the bathroom to go potty. It must have been a relief to go because he states very calmly "AAAAhhhhhh, sweet, sweet potty." I found that very amusing! I am equally proud of him though. This is the first year he has been potty-trained, what a monumental step!
I am still job hunting not as frequently as I was because I am waiting to find out if I will get the position with the School District or not. The opportunities are still there with the county. The process of accepting applications of course and then if you pass their exam, you are put on a waiting list for six or more months. I do have an exam with the county tomorrow for a Librarian's position and we will see how that goes.
In the meantime, I am also trying to work on myself. In the process of losing weight. I have many pounds to go, but I am heading in the right direction by changing the way I eat and also the way my children eat. Just way they think about food in general. It's not an easy road, but it has to be done.

July 17, 2008

A Meltdown a day takes my sanity away

I think the title says it all. For the last week, BP has been having frequent meltdowns, especially at night and in the early morning. As I stated before and the above picture, BP loves the computer. So does his older brother C and of course, monkey see, monkey do. BP is not truly able to wait for the computer and doesn't understand the concept of waiting and patience. C tries to help everyone else but himself. He's a great older brother, but we have times of typical jealously amoung siblings, i.e. "BP always gets (insert something here) and I never get to...!" I certainly don't want him to think that he is being treated separately apart from BP, but that is my frequent challenge. This is a picture of C:

Of course summer is here and I have both boys in a summer program. Thank God! If I didn't I think my sanity would be long since gone by now. BP has an Aide in the summer program that actually floated over to the summer program from his regular school just to assist him. The school district has been most helpful in BP's journey and I have been equally impressed by their willingness to work with my Husband and I. We are in limbo at the moment, because if I get ask to take a position with the San Marcos School District, we will be relocating about 40 minutes up north. That entails: new school, new surroundings for BOTH boys and which translates to CHANGE for BP. For him change is monumental. We can't even buy new shoes, but that's a future blog.

July 14, 2008

The Joy of Autism: San Diego

I found a great Autism blogger. The Joy of Autism: San Diego: I thought I would share it. I am guessing this is my blog for the day. :)

July 9, 2008

The journey continues...

I haven't written in a few days. I have good intentions to write everyday. Uh...it's not happening as planned but at least I am sitting at a computer typing away. That's a good sign.

I had an job interview this morning with a local school district. It's for a Special Education Aide, full-time with benefits. Of course the moment you sit down with the panel of individuals who interview you, they ask if you would be willing to accept a position part-time. I graciously said "yes" but the voice in the back of my mind said, "ouch, I need the money." Apparently there are numerous candidates to interview and there's a higher likelihood of me being hired on part-time. I am fully qualified, but who knows what the world will bring. Part-time simply won't pay my rent.

Well I have my iced vanilla latte and hopefully that will sooth things a bit. I just have to keep plugging away.

As far the original point to my daily blogs. I have a page or two written and I will share it:

I simply don't know where to begin. BP,(not his real name, but changed for privacy purposes) who is my youngest son, began his journey January 7, 2002. I think he entered this world reluctantly and it showed on his face. Moving ahead a few years, we knew that BP some how was not progressing normally. At two years of age, he hardly spoke a all. Things just didn't seem right. My oldest son, C (his name is private as well) who at time was 6, far excelled what he was supposed to do. Many times I felt like BP would eventually grow out of his "delays" and we could move on to the next chapter of childhood. That didn't ever happen. After a few years of research, contemplation and observation, I decided that I needed to take the next step. I needed to go back to work, but where would I find a daycare provider who would be willing to take on the challenge of a 3.5 year with special needs and wasn't potty-trained? That is the next step on the journey for tomorrow...

July 6, 2008

It's the beginning of the end...

As I sat underneath an umbrella at the pool today watching my two sons swim in the pool, I decided to jot down words regarding my life and theirs. It's only a few pages so far. But I have several more to go. Today was an okay day. I live in a ideal climate so the weather rarely never changes. It's actually kind of boring and we pay to live here because the sun always shines and everyone else wants to reside here. So in the next day or two, watch for my blogs on my roller coaster ride of life. Watch for my son's blogs as well. He is ten and is an avid fan of WoW and has his own blog http://www.notawiigamer.blogspot.com/