December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy 2009!

My gift to all of you is that this will be my final blog for the year. I finally decided that I should write something. I have neglected this blog page since August and I apologize. I want to continue to blog but I feel should make a clean start beginning with the new year. Lately I have been one of those long time readers of other Autism blogs (especially Autism Vox), but I haven't made contributions of my own and I have much to say about life in a house with BP and his Autism.
It's been an especially difficult year with me still unemployed, but I do have an interview for a special education aid with the school district that I used to work for years ago. Wish me luck and I will update all of you in January.

Cheers to everyone and have a happy new year!

Happy Holidays!!!!!