September 7, 2012

ABA Services - A True Gift that is Worth Every Penny

Hi There, and welcome to Friday,

I don't get much time to write before I leave to become a taxi-driver for a few hours.  So I will make this is short but sweet.

BP has good days and bad days but don't we all.  I feel like the bad days are becoming less of an issue.  One reason is: ABA Therapy sessions, if you are able to get those services, then I say "GO for it!"  I know that some families, depending on your situation, insurance and all the endless red tape, it may be difficult.  It actually took me about three years to convince people that we really needed someone to come in as a weekly tutor for BP.  Maybe convince is not the right word to choose.  Many people who worked with BP at school knew he would benefit from such services, but it just took way to long to get where we are.  He has one session a week for 2 full hours.  We go out outings, learn life skills, work on his behavior, etc.  It has be incredibly beneficial for BP.  He has made such strides, that I can't begin to tell you.  That would take another post.  It such a benefit for me as well.  These sessions teach me so much and also my oldest son has benefited. Our tutor who is awesome, by the way, has become somewhat of a mentor for our family. A few weeks ago, due to all the insurance mumbo-jumbo, the new Autism Insurance law, I thought we would lose our services.  I was absolutely devastated, it's truly a gift we have been given for Brendan to have ABA services.  I would certainly be sad if those gifts were ever taken away.

I will post more on BP and C's progress in future posts. Have a great weekend.

September 5, 2012

About Me!

Happy Thursday Everyone,

Hope you are having a good week!  I have written a page about who I am. I figured for the first time visitors and others, it would be a help to know who I was.  Head on over if you like.  Just a warning:  It's written by a very scatterbrained person:  Me.

About Me

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~ Karen