March 16, 2009

Time to Breathe

It's been awhile since I've posted. Today seemed like a good day to write a little and take a breather. My new job is going well. The boy that I shadow is 9 and in the third grade. Hasn't been officially diagnosed yet, but he might have PDD, Autism and definitely ADHD. One day last week was rough one for him because apparently, Mom forgot his meds. That happens at times so Mom came and picked him up. It's interesting to see some similiarities with this child and my son. I have been working now a little over a week and still getting to know his quibes (if that's a word). Still getting used to the schedule as well, with the silly time change AND having to get up earlier.

Brendan is doing well. His days seem to be improving where he is right on task and then of course when something sets him off, BINGO! I have to tell you this cute story. When I go and pick up Brendan from school there is a dirt/pebble parking lot that I park my car in. You can see the play structure from the parking lot. Lately his class will go out for free time at the end of the day at the play structure. Brendan can see me pull up and park "mommy's red car" and I usually wait for the time to walk to his class. So Brendan while at the sturture, peers through the fence and works his way down the fence to watch out for me and "yells" Why isn't Mommy getting out ?!" Thought that was rather cute!

Other news: Took my final test for the CSET in Math and Science on Saturday. It's a test to obtain your teaching credential in CA. 5 hours of racking my brain. Will let you all know how I did when I get my scores in four weeks.