July 24, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts, The Three P's: Protesting, Planes and Pets


Lately I have been reading all the news regarding talk radio host Michael Savage and his statement "children who have autism are brats." I also notice that he now is starting to back pedal and there is a group in SF at his radio station that will be standing in protest to oust him. I just want to wish them luck. I know he was ousted before with his anti-gay comments. I think he's radio just for all the publicity and nothing more.


There is another story that stuck me regarding the story of a Mom and her three year-old Autistic son who were thrown out of an American Eagle Plane a few weeks ago. Apparently he had a meltdown and according to sources Mom did not stow the paper bag full of his "comfort toys" in the proper place. Which is not correct. I'd like to comment on this story. There are a few ideas I'd like to get across. First of which is regarding the American Airlines Crew. Don't you think it should be apart of their training to handle any situation that arises? I am not going to inform them of how they should preform their job but customer service should be the main focus, especially on an aircraft. I know they must have to be trained on handling a person in a wheelchair or an individual who requires much more assistance. Handicapped or otherwise.

From a parents standpoint, if you are going to fly with your child. Please be prepared. Pack the comfort items, music and anything that helps to calm the outbursts. Personally, BP has never been on a plane. I wonder myself how he would do.

Pets and Autism-We currently have no pets in our house because our apartment complex does not allow them. But if we have to relocate because of my new job. I would love to for our family to have a new pet. I have been reading up on pets as therapy for children with Autism. I have heard that dogs are wonderful (don't forget the cats), in certain situations though. This website and many others have great incite to what it's like with pets and their friends with Autism and ASD. I have also heard that fish aquariums are great to have as well. It seems to have a calming effect on them.
Can anyone share with me as to their stories of how an animal friends have helped your son or daughter in their therapies? Feel free to leave me a post. I'd love to read your comments.
Happy Thursday everyone. Sometimes I wonder where I put my sense-of-humor these days. Cheers.


  1. Planes = done and dusted, although we haven't mastered 'fear of flying/ air sickness."

    As for pets - my son talks more to his cat than to anyone else on the planet! [for whatever that might be worth to you]
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks Maddy! That's good to know about the cat. Our first choice fro a family pet at this moment is a cat!


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