July 22, 2008

I think it's urologist time again

Both BP and C were born with a condition called hypospadias. I can't explain it because I am thinking it would put my blog at risk for being flagged so I have put a link so you have some idea of the condition. BP had three surgeries all before age of two to try and correct it. Lets just say it effects the urinating stream and later in life, other things. Now that he is fully potty trained, we have noticed that his stream is not correct and sprays out like a shower head and far to the left. Last night it ended up all over the bathroom floor. So most likely he will need to see his Pediatric Urologist to assess his situation. C had two surgeries to correct it and he seems to be fine. Both boys had to endure the painful and the utmost detailed of the "doubling diapering routine." One diaper was cut to fit around the area and of course the second was worn over the first. C at six months had to wear a catheter everyday for a week. Luckily, BP didn't have to endure that part of it. I clearly remember the pain I felt for both boys and the what seemed like endless hours of waiting with all the other parents at Children's Hospital.

I honestly though wouldn't change places with anyone.

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  1. That's why it really is 'one day at a time.'
    Best wishes


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