January 28, 2011

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Earth.  I have returned from my long absence from this wonderful blog that I have so neglected.  I have to apologize for being gone so long.  It's one of those long list of "got to do's" that just wasn't done.  How is that for contractions?

I decided that I need to reconnect with the people, places of my son's journey with Autism.  It's something that holds so strong in my heart and I want to share my thoughts, feelings and seek advice from those who taking the same journey.

It is nice to be home.  My life is different from whence I came.  So is my BP (for privacy purposes) I have to decided to call my son (BP) in this blog.  He has made much progress, but still has many milestones to go. Officially diagnosed at 7, he is nine now and is doing well in public school in a Special Ed classroom.  As most of you can relate to, special education means changing schools frequently.  Just to find the suitable school for your child.  That is another journey and another post.

Me, I am still figuring out this parenting thing. Nor will I ever.  My motto still stands as,  "One Day at a Time" 
Chaos is my middle name.  Sometimes I wonder why I still have hair left.  Any of you wonder the same?

BP and company (my eldest son in middle school, that could be another blog :)) are the center of my world.

I am back now and I am happy to make connections, friends and share my daily musings with everyone.  Please comment of you like and stop by to say "hi".  I love comments and enjoy any you have to say!  Declare the love. 

Have a great day,


  1. Welcome back! And yes i do wonder about my hair sometimes and why i havent gone grey yet!

  2. Great Blog. Keep up the good work on Dealing with Autism.


I enjoy comments and enjoy the ideas and support of others as well! Thanks!