February 26, 2009

Good News!

Well It's happened...I have a accepted a position as Instructional Assistant for Special Education at a nice K-8 public school. I will be 1:1 in Special Ed Class of 7 who are grades K-4. This is ED (emotional disturbed) class. Not sure when I will start. It's only part-time so I still have time with my boys. This week I have been getting all the pre-employment stuff done. Yesterday I had a physical which required me to lift 50lbs. Today my body isn't liking it. I can barely walk! Every step is monumental!

This, for me folks is a step ahead and a new beginning. I know that some Moms are able to stay home full-time with their children, so they can be there for them and raise them to the best of their ability and I do know some, my hat goes off to you. I simply don't have that choice. I have to work, to provide a life for Brendan and his brother that he needs. He needs a place to play outside and to run, we don't have that here. I do take him to the park every weekend, but I would have to invest in one of those child locator's or else I would never see him again. My list is long. I think of Brendan's future and it scares the H#)) out of me.

This new beginning will eventually provide me opportunities I never knew existed. I am still working on my teaching credential and that's my goal is to become a teacher. So with that said I must get ready for a oral exam today, yet with another school district. This is for placement on a list for employment. All I can do is take one day at a time. =)

Cheers Everyone.


  1. Beaming with happiness for you and your boys. Way to go you!!!!!

  2. sending you my love sweetie xx

  3. I pray all works out for the best. You are a good caring mother and you're making good use out of what has been afforded you and that is a very praiseworthy thing. I stopped by to follow you back and thank you, so glad I did.
    Enjoy your week.


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