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I am a 40-something Mother of two wonderful boys, Married and reside in Southern California.

I am currently a SAHM. I used to work as an aide for the special needs population and you can read about that here.  I enjoy being creative and doing anything with my hands: Drawings, doodles, sketches and hope to someday have my own business. I did at one time, sew and sell on Etsy.com, but I have changed my focus.  I have wide variety of interests. the list is quite long, but I will spare you all the details.

I graduated from college in 1991 with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design and have yet to really use my degree.  But I love interior design, and all aspects of it.

I also have ADHD (the inttentive type), it is self diagnosed, but evident in my everyday functioning. I am far from organized and I try daily to work on that as well. Achieving deadlines is something I struggle with constantly. So you will probably notice that I change things quite a bit and have that right-brained capacity.  I have to work twice as hard at focusing on a task. It drives me nuts!

I look back at the influence my childhood has on my life today and it's been a huge impact on my life and the life of our children.  Let me explain:

I learned from an early age how to cope with having a disability. My mother had Cerebral Palsy, but coping has been not easy. Acceptance has been easier.

I don't claim to be an expert, but I know that I was put on this earth to help others.  Even if it just a tip or two.

Hopefully this gives you somewhat of a scoop on who I am. But for now, I am working on writing the other pages of this blog.  Thank you for letting me share.

~ Karen

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  1. So nice to learn more about you! I love reading about the person behind the blog!


I enjoy comments and enjoy the ideas and support of others as well! Thanks!