January 29, 2009

BP's Body Art - Poop Style

I know that most of us as parents with Autistic children have dealt with bathroom issues far more than we ever imagined. Average Parents who have babies or toddlers, talk about "poop," but it ceases in a couple of years when they are potty trained or otherwise. They ain't seen nothin' as the saying goes.

Lately when BP has been using the potty, (he is fully potty trained as of last year at 6) and when he needs to go number two, he becomes very quiet. I used to step away out of the bathroom, and return to check on him a few moments later. Well NOT anymore. When he becomes silent, I know that he has become the artist (artist's have to concentrate on their work you know) and the medium he uses is "the yucky-smelling brown stuff." Yesterday I stepped out of the bathroom to start preparing dinner and I returned to BP in the bathroom. "The body Artist" took his poop and smeared it all over his entire stomach and the upper half of his legs. "Wonderful Art!" Of course immediately he goes into the bath and he is done with his art project of the day.

Anybody else have body artists with poop as the medium? I have heard of the "wanna-be monkey's who fling their poop. Sorry I don't think the art galleries would find it amusing, but as a Mom, it's just one day out of 365!


  1. Your son has autism, and this is a common problem, not been one of our problems for the longest time, phew! I hope this doesn't happen often, I really struggled with this.

    But this guy http://itn.co.uk/news/fa063d163a335dfcabb6966bccbefc00.html
    well he is just plain gross!!!!!

    Ow fish van horn outside for the neighbour, ok so she is hard of hearing, the rest of the street isn't, UGH, Knock on her door, I swear every week this scares the crap out of me (no pun intended) and me ears want to run away and hide under the bed, gah!


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