February 3, 2011

It's that time of year...

 Yep, cold and flu season.  You know when something's up when BP just wants to snuggle with you on the sofa.  That happened on Sunday.   I asked him of he wanted a blanket. "yes" and from then on he stay there curled up and gradually becoming warmer.  I told my other half that I thought he wasn't feeling good and coming down with something. 

It's a strange notion when children with autism become sick.  As parents we are so used to heightened activity, constant movement, that really we don't what to do with ourselves!  So this week he was out of school Monday and Tuesday.  Ouch.  We all know what that means.  Returning to school is a major accomplishment.  It's quite funny, BP doesn't do Mondays, Tuesdays are just okay, Wednesdays are an improvement, Thursdays are good and by Fridays he is ready to start the week.  Maybe it is because they have fun Fridays at school in his class. Do you think?

 We do struggle with school issues, but I must say that this year is much better than last year.  Change of teacher and change of school might have something to do with his improvement.  I have problems here at home with homework.  He simply doesn't want to do it.  Don't mention the "h" word, but he usually beats me to it!  He flat out tells me, "no homework!"   

Meltdowns: those happen less now, but we still have many issues such as food, scheduling, overstimulation, potty issues, communication (I find that the most frustrating part for me).

 Since my year long absence we have working on the food issue.  This summer I was able to have an Nutritionist from our Regional Center here and evaluate BP.  He is overweight and needs to loose some pounds.  Sometimes I wonder why he doesn't loose weight easily.  BP is CONSTANTLY moving and loves to play outdoors.  His favorite activity at school is adaptive PE.  The food issue became a problem when what I gave him wasn't enough.  He would still be hungry and ask for more.  It got to certain point where if I didn't give him the food he wanted, major meltdown would occur.  Of course being the Mother, I was tired of the meltdowns and gave in to his wants. MY BAD.   The Nutritionist suggested I reduce the amt of food I serve him and see what happens. She also suggested trying to sneak in veggies with the meal.  BP is very picky as most children with Autism are.  He likes about 5 different kinds of food and won't try much else.  We don't deviate much from his meals on the weekends, but he is good about some foods at school.  His weekend lunch will consist of White cheese(cottage cheese), cheese crackers, fruit snacks and juice.  Lately he has been on this kick of replacing the white cheese with those yogurts with the Oreo cookie crumbs. 

 This particular post is just shortened version of things to come.  He's been invited to a birthday party, it would be his first one to attend, but I am not sure whether he will go.  Being sick this week has made me have second thoughts. Not sure I want him bouncing for two hours and becoming over stimulated.  Becoming tired his behavior tends to escilate.  I will let you all know what the outcome is.