July 27, 2008

The Blue Dinosaurs and White Cheese?

This weekend thoughts have been brewing through my mind as to what my blog would be for today. This was a most difficult choice. I am one of those individuals that store information in my brain and then as soon as I sit down at the computer, stare at a blank screen, I have sudden writer's block. Maybe I should write it down. :)

News on the job market, I did not get the job up north. I received an email on Friday thanking me for my interest in the position. It was a difficult choice etc. I will keep plugging away. There is so much competion out there and everyone is searching in the job market. I did manage to get myself on an eligiblity list for the county. I will see where that takes me. Even if we don't relocate up north. I would still like to move elsewhere. A place that would allow pets.

BP has had a relatively good weekend. I have to keep on him with potty issues though. He enjoys the computer and other activities so much that he tends to run to the bathroom with intentions to go but most of the time he ends up running to bathroom, shouting "I need to go potty!" Typically he doesn't make it to the bathroom in time. I find lately that the laundry room has become my home away from home! My dream is to someday have my own washer and dryer.

I think that for me I find that I lack the patience to understand "his" language. BP is a fanatic on Dinosaurs, Godzilla, Dragons and the like. I'd like to thank the technology-video world for the invention of the DVR! In our household it's a requirement and if we didn't have it, I'd would lose my sanity. I have tried to record every Prehistoric Planet program on Discovery Kids. Of course when BP finds a certain episode he enjoys there is no stopping him. I think I have lost count as to the number of times I have seen the famous T-Rex devour the Triceratops. The frustrating part of BP's world is interpreting the "BP language." This morning for example, he asks me, "Can we watch Dinosaurs 4?" My mind is going in circles at this point. "What Dinosaurs? Then he states, "the Blue Dinosaurs." Dinosaurs 4 could mean:

  • Watching one of our Jurassic Park films. (but there is only 3) No that's not it.

  • Blue Dinosaurs (Prehistoric Planet-Dinosaurs underwater, blue ocean)

We went through six shows that I recently recorded of Prehistoric Planet and a mini-meltdown. Each one was a "No!" Then at the last moment popped up a program I recorded that happened to about the infamous T-Rex and had nothing to do with Prehistoric Planet. Bingo! I need some coffee and will prepare myself for the multi-viewing. I think I had my own meltdown.
Note: As am writing this blog, BP has come to me and again has asked to watch "Dinosaurs and Dragons." The other program doesn't have enough action for him. This time I can interpret it. My applause goes out the DVR.
I have also discovered that BP loves "white cheese." Cottage Cheese. Welcome to His world. I am learning something new everyday.

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