July 17, 2008

A Meltdown a day takes my sanity away

I think the title says it all. For the last week, BP has been having frequent meltdowns, especially at night and in the early morning. As I stated before and the above picture, BP loves the computer. So does his older brother C and of course, monkey see, monkey do. BP is not truly able to wait for the computer and doesn't understand the concept of waiting and patience. C tries to help everyone else but himself. He's a great older brother, but we have times of typical jealously amoung siblings, i.e. "BP always gets (insert something here) and I never get to...!" I certainly don't want him to think that he is being treated separately apart from BP, but that is my frequent challenge. This is a picture of C:

Of course summer is here and I have both boys in a summer program. Thank God! If I didn't I think my sanity would be long since gone by now. BP has an Aide in the summer program that actually floated over to the summer program from his regular school just to assist him. The school district has been most helpful in BP's journey and I have been equally impressed by their willingness to work with my Husband and I. We are in limbo at the moment, because if I get ask to take a position with the San Marcos School District, we will be relocating about 40 minutes up north. That entails: new school, new surroundings for BOTH boys and which translates to CHANGE for BP. For him change is monumental. We can't even buy new shoes, but that's a future blog.

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