July 18, 2008

Made it through another week

It's Friday. That means the weekend. It also means my good intentions went bad and I have so much to write but I didn't sit down to type OR write it down.

Friday's Funnies.
I think I will start putting down some of BP little happenings that make me want to laugh out loud. Hopefully I can keep this up on a daily basis.

  • "Body Parts" (Keep in mind when you read this that BP does not know what is inappropriate) Everyday we take BP and his older brother C to a summer program through the school district. He has a very good repor with most of the adult leaders in the program. This particular day BP must of been in one of his very social moods. Saying "hello" and being abnormally social. Has good days and bad. He went up to one of the younger women (20 years younger than me) who he knows fairly well in the program, placed his hand on one breast and quietly said, "boobie." I am sure she was quite embarrassed and when I heard the story second hand from someone else I had to laugh. As of this moment, we are working on this very aspect of his behavior and instructing him that it's not okay to touch in those areas. He has been doing this to me as well, sometimes in front of complete strangers. So next year in school, BP won't be touching his aides hair or any other inappropriate part of the body.
  • "Gotta go potty!" - Yesterday after arriving home from the summer program, BP promptly took his shoes off, with a little assistance of course and ran into the bathroom to go potty. It must have been a relief to go because he states very calmly "AAAAhhhhhh, sweet, sweet potty." I found that very amusing! I am equally proud of him though. This is the first year he has been potty-trained, what a monumental step!
I am still job hunting not as frequently as I was because I am waiting to find out if I will get the position with the School District or not. The opportunities are still there with the county. The process of accepting applications of course and then if you pass their exam, you are put on a waiting list for six or more months. I do have an exam with the county tomorrow for a Librarian's position and we will see how that goes.
In the meantime, I am also trying to work on myself. In the process of losing weight. I have many pounds to go, but I am heading in the right direction by changing the way I eat and also the way my children eat. Just way they think about food in general. It's not an easy road, but it has to be done.

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  1. Those are too funny :). Thanks for stopping by my blog, stopped by to check yours out. Your boys are adorable!


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