January 9, 2009


I am so glad it's Friday. BP's birthday was a success! He was showered with gifts from Star Wars figurines to more Nintendo Wii and DS games. I think we have a full library now. The family ended up not eating out and decided to just order in and go pick up the food. Easier on BP. Restaurants aren't the best environments for him at times. Some of the larger chain restaurants have really good menus. For his birthday dessert he devoured a serving of chocolate cake stuck with 7 seven candles and drizzled with Caramel and chocolate syrup, with a side of vanilla ice cream. Making anyone hungry?

I don't want to delve to deeply about the interview, because I honestly don't want to dwell on it. I didn't feel I did that well. I've have worked for this district before doing the exact same job that I interviewed for and I felt I had a loss for words. I am woman who is very hard on herself anyway and easily become discouraged if something isn't just right. Sometimes I wonder if I am not ASD in some form myself. I was so focused on inquiring about the full-time positions, that it appeared to them that I wouldn't take a part-time if offered. I just feel like I have missed my chance to actually get my foot in the door. We will see. I will know in about two weeks whether or not they are interested in offering me a position. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile I will focus on other things: The weekend, the wonderful warm weather (I like to garden), and getting the kids ready to head back to school.

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