January 6, 2009


In the process of trying to get both boys back to the regular schedule before school begins on Monday. They have been getting to bed and sleeping in late. I think it's been havoc on BP because yesterday he had a major meltdown that I had not seen from him in a very long time. Both of us are recovered to today, but those tire both BP and I out. When his schedule is out of wack, BP is out of wack. Plain and simple.

Not much going on today, just trying to prepare myself mentally for this interview tomorrow. I am also thinking about BP's birthday, it's tomorrow as well. He will be turning seven. We are not planning a huge party. We never have and frankly it's never bothered him and I doubt he will even know the difference. Celebrating will be just limited to immediate family. No other family members are close by and he really doesn't have any "friends", just kids he knows from his class." As you well know, it's difficult for kids with Autism to truly establish social relationships.

Took him out today and let him choose a movie to buy from the store for his birthday. He loves monsters, aliens and the like. He likes "I am Legend." I know that some Mom's wouldn't approve because of the age, but I have always monitered what he watches. And to be honest he has seen worse. But he is varied and enjoys everything from 101 Dalmations to Godzilla.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Many happy returns of the day for tomorrow.
    BEst wishes


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