January 13, 2009

Just the little stuff

The week has began well with no major road blocks. Yesterday was a good first day back for BP and my other son, C. 90% of time BP was on task according to his aide and did everything he needed to. In the morning he was a little grumpy, but aren't we all.

I mentioned before that I was going to give you the Lava Lamp report. Nothing happened and no substantial changes in the way BP falls asleep. I have to remind myself to put it on at least an hour before the kids hit the bed. It takes that long for it to actually start moving! BP is still on his same sleep patterns. I normally don't rise until 6 or so, but he was awake at 5:30 shouting from his room that he needed to go "potty!" After that there is no sense in even trying to get him back to sleep. Both my boys share a room, sleep in a bunk bed and BP takes the top bunk because he's lighter weight and the older one sleeps on the bottom. We have done something a little different in that we moved the bottom bed flat on the floor and moved BP's top bed down to a lower loft level. That way he can climb without any assistance. Seems to work well for him.

Did have one meltdown yesterday because he would not stop playing on his Nintendo DS when I asked him to. (I timed him for 30 minutes) But it was short lived (thank God). Also homework for him is an issue. After being at school 6 hours straight, over stimulation is a problem. It's quite a feat to require him to do homework, right when we arrive home.

One side note: Dental stuff; BP has lost his two front teeth. That actually happened just before Christmas! I apologize for not having any pictures, I am behind a couple of decades with photography and I don't own a digital camera. (Would love one.) I have a old SLR camera and that's about it.

Gosh, you would think that I would have more interesting tidbits. I guess some days are more adventurous than others.

Until tomorrow...

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