January 23, 2009

Refreshing Fridays and the Rain

Well it's Friday and I look forward to Fridays. It's not like I have something big to look forward to for the weekend, but I know that Saturday is coming, it's refreshing and it is also rainy and wet outside. Not a heavy rain, but a very light shower. The smell of the rain hits the air it is such a nice feeling.

Brendan had a good week. Staying on the positive end of the spectrum. Maybe because the rain finally came today. The forecasters have been predicting it for a few days now. I believe someone in the Autism world stated that there might be this odd connection between rain and Autism. Brendan is a lover of the rain, the cloudy sky that comes with it and most of all tornadoes. Yep, tornadoes. He's the family meteorologist. Every time there is a cloud in the sky that resembles something of a funnel cloud. Brendan will burst with excitement and claim "Mommy, look it's a tornado!" In far clear language then he speaks most of the time. We reside in Southern California and we do not receive much rain here. The closest thing that resembles a tornado is their bedroom. Imagine though if we lived in the mid-west, our life would be taken straight from "Twister." The majority of us would be running for our lives towards the nearest shelter and Brendan would want to stay outside and "watch" the tornado approach whatever building it seeks to destroy in its path.

On that note, Brendan is very happy and excited when it rains and seems content to stand outside for hours if he could in the rain and watch the sky. Welcome Friday and the rain. What a happy feeling it is for all. :)


  1. I love the smell of rain to!
    Must be lovely to watch Brendan enjoying the rain.

  2. Casdok,

    I love the smell of rain too. I also get the greatest feeling when I can watch Brendan enjoying the most of simplest things. By the way, I enjoy both your websites!


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