January 21, 2009

Awesome Days

Ever since the return to school, everyday for Brendan has been more than positive. He seems to be learning by leaps and bounds! As I wait for Brendan outside his classroom (I don't feel it necessary to walk inside the classroom and become a distraction for him) and he comes bounding out yelling "Mommy, mommy", with his arms open wide, I never know what kind of day he had. For the past two weeks his Aid has said, "He had an awesome day today!" He seems to be willing to do his work, no meltdowns, (we did have a little instance where someone in his class was too close for comfort and he decided to throw a pencil at them.) With Autism you never seem to know what kind of a day your child will have. But at this moment things seem to be moving along nicely. We are even getting the concept of telling time. He may not be able to write an appropriate looking hour/minute hand but he understands the concept rather well. For awhile there I thought nothing was working, he simply refused to do much of anything for me or at school. The homework battle has become much better. He is understanding now that if he does his homework he will be able to play on the computer, play his DS or Wii.

Such awesome days at school make awesome days at home.

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